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My name is Emil Carlsson, but my name as an artist is Cmile!
My purpose with my homepage is to merchandise what i do best, music! For me music is like oxygen! When I do not hear music or play music for a day or even for an hour, my life seems wasted. Therefore, I always sing and play my guitar and express my feelings through music.

I compose my own songs, so people can understand my true feelings, when it comes to love and politics and because music makes me happy.

My purpose with my music is to deliver feelings to people, both sadness and joy. And of course to make you sing along. Because, even if you can experiment with different tones and rhythms, it's important that people understand the meaning and the content in a song.

I compose my own songs, so people can understand my true feelings.

- Emil Carlsson

  • Emil Carlsson


    Now I will tell a little about myself so you can understand why music is so important to me! Actually, I do not have the same story like anybody else who wants to be a musician. You know the story I don't start to sing before I could talk, right?

    Actually, I was a sport nerd! And I play football through my whole childhood, and my biggest dream was to be a professional football player! But my dream started to fall apart when I was twelve years old, because I got an injury in my knee. So my football training contended more rehab training than football training. So now, I was not so eager to be a professional football player anymore. Instead, I had my salvation, music! I've started to play guitar when I was eight years old, but I haven't developed so much, because I wasn't so delighted. But now a whole world opened up for me. I started to sing to the chords I played and the guitar was my most useful tool. Now I got a new dream!

    After my exploration with music, I have take singing lessons and guitar lessons, composed hundreds of songs and play many live gigs. And my biggest experience is when I competed in the Swedish Idol, both 2005 and 2010! In 2010 I reached position 20 in the competition.

    There you have the story about me! Please discover my homepage! Here I will give you my music, picture when I recording my songs and videos from my live gigs etc. Please visit my homepage! So I can make my dream come true, to play for thousands of people, hear my songs playing in the radio and make people happy as I am about music!

    Please don't forget to Cmile!

    My last hit "Insomnia"

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